Skin Smoothing Primer | Acrylic Display

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Sistar CosmeticsSKU: HP001

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Skin Smoothing Primer Set

What to know! 

  • It's U Makeup Remover
Wipe out the heavy and resistant makeup with our gentle but effective It’s U Eye & Lip Makeup Remover. It feels as though you are wiping away the fatigue of your long day. Good work today, keep it up!
  • It's U Setting Spray

Lightweight I Comfortable. Lockdown your makeup and keep looking flawless for hours. It's U Setting Spray maintains skin hydration while making sure you look beautiful all day long.
  • Skin Smoothing Primer

It’s U Skin Smoothing Primer prepares and ensures your impeccable makeup and lasts all day long.
It creates a smooth skin surface for flawless coverage.





Additional Details

Units Quantity [Display]

IUMR | it's U Makeup Remover: 2 pcs + tester

IUSS | it's U Setting Spray: 2 pcs + tester

HP | Hydrating Primer: 4 pcs + tester

MP | Matte Primer: 4 pcs + tester

Inner Box Quantity

IUMR | it's U Makeup Remover: 3 pcs / box 

IUSS | it's U Setting Spray: 3 pcs / box 

HP | Hydrating Primer: 3 pcs / box 

MP | Matte Primer: 3 pcs / box

Master Case

IUMR | it's U Makeup Remover: 48 boxes / case = 144 pcs

IUSS | it's U Setting Spray: 48 boxes / case = 144 pcs 

HP | Hydrating Primer: 48 boxes / case = 144 pcs

MP | Matte Primer: 48 boxes / case = 144 pcs 

Pack Type Acrylic Display

Net Weight

IUMR: 100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz.

IUSS: 86 ml / 2.87 fl. oz.

HP/ MP: 25 g / 0.88 oz.

Formulation USA
Origin P.R.C

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