TouchUps Edge Scarf | Printed Graphics (Assorted)

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TouchUps HairSKU: TES101-102-103

Style: TES101-102-103 Leopard Assorted Pack (12PCS)
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Printed Graphics Edge Scarf (Assorted)

What to know!

Edge Scarf's are an essential part of layering and styling great edges.

Use our Edge Scarf's to help set & dry edges. They can also be used to hold hair back to better lay edges down. Create unique head wraps like knots, bands, ribbons, or turban wraps.

Pairs perfectly with our Touchdown Edge Tamers!

  • 100% premium satin
    • high quality silky soft texture. 
  • 3.15" wide & 59" tall
  • 13 different assorted graphic design styles
    • TES101-102-103: Leopard-Leopard Gray-Leopard Pink
    • TES107-112-113: Modern Art-Impressionist-Jungle
    • TES009-010-011-012: Neon Peach-Neon Green-Neon Yellow-Neon Blue
    • TES013-014-015-016: Sparkle #1-Sparkle #2-Sparkle #3-Sparkle #4
    • TES117-118-119-120: Bandana #1-Bandana #2-Bandana #3-Bandana #4
    • TES121-122-123-124: Chain Lux #1-Chain Lux #2-Chain Lux #3-Chain Lux #4
    • TES125-126-127-128: Tropical #1-Tropical #2-Tropical #3-Tropical #4
    • TES101-114-115-116: Leopard-Leopard Yellow-Leopard Rainbow-Leopard Green
    • TES104-105: Baroque #1 - Baroque #2
    • TES108-109: Bohemian Isis - Pink Banana
    • TES110-111: African Pride #1 - African Pride #2
    • TES112-113: Impressionist - Jungle Art
    • TES020: Holographic
    • TES131-132: Art Bandana #1/ Art bandana
    • TES019: Mermaid #1
    • TES021: Galaxy
    • TES022: Disco Party
    • TES023: Metal Love
    • TES017: Sparkle #5/ Sparkle #6
    • TES129-130: Oriental Flower #1/ Flower #2




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       Assorted graphic designs in each pack

      Inner Box Quantity 12 pcs / pack
      Master Case 35 pack / case = 420 pcs
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